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Funding Our Future is an alliance of organizations dedicated to making a secure retirement possible for all Americans.


For millions of Americans, retirement is an uncertain prospect. Many workers lack access to workplace retirement savings plans, emergency expenses often lead people to drain their retirement accounts early, and the trust fund that supports Social Security, the main source of income for many retirees, is projected to run dry in 2034. We need solutions to America’s retirement challenge.

Three Pillars To Strengthen American Retirement Security

Making Saving Easier For All Ages

Americans need increased access to and participation in workplace retirement savings plans. Policymakers should remove barriers to retirement security, helping people accumulate and preserve assets during their working years.

Transforming Nest Eggs Into A Lifetime Of Income

Longer life expectancies and the erosion of traditional pensions have stretched savings. Americans need more straightforward ways to make their savings last and turn them into a lifetime of income. Americans cannot and should not be left to figure out this confusing system on their own.

Save Social Security

We have known for decades that the Social Security system is on a trajectory for financial crisis, but for years on end policymakers have failed to address the problem. We need to save our Social Security system with reasonable reforms, for the sake of today’s seniors and for generations to come.


Want to learn more about the retirement challenges facing Americans today? You’re in luck – here’s some research on the key issues that face Americans in retirement and some suggestions of how to solve them.

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Six Challenges To Retirement Security

A commission at the Bipartisan Policy Center spent two years reviewing the challenges facing Americans on the road to retirement and proposing solutions. Take a look at the six challenges to retirement security and what could be done about them.


The Nation’s Retirement System

Traditional pensions have become much less common, and individuals are increasingly responsible for planning and managing their own retirement savings accounts. The Government Accountability Office examined the various challenges facing Americans as they strive to achieve retirement security.


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